Venkateshwara Open University (VOU)

Venkateshwara Open University

Vision & Mission

Innovation, creativity and an enterprising mindset will be the defining characteristics of our University. We will provide flexible and transformational learning and commit to add value to our partners and deliver positive and productive engagements to students and the professionals. The vision of Open University empowers students from diverse countries, cultures, socioeconomic and educational backgrounds to be successful lifelong learners, grow their skills and capabilities for the changing world of work, and to be confident, creative, ethical and responsible citizens.

The Venkateshwara Open University is committed to be a World-Class center of excellence in Open and Flexible Learning subsequently aiming to be a great University of the 21st Century. We will provide our students with an outstanding and unique experience and help them make the world a better place through our research and knowledge exchange with the industry and the community. The Venkateshwara Open University will provide the highest quality of learning and teaching environment for the greater well being of our students and deliver an outstanding educational portfolio.